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Biographical Profile for Andrea LaFontaine
Currently Elected State Representative District 32, Michigan
Age: 28
Party: Michigan Republican Party
Phone: (586) 651-4427
Address: PO Box 6
Memphis, MI 48041
Andrea LaFontaine's positions and views on the issues:
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General: (political statement of goals, objectives, views, philosophies)
As a lifelong resident of the 32nd House District, I truly understand the challenges facing our community. Michigan was once a state in which hardworking men and women had the opportunity to pursue the American dream, but because out state government chose to micromanage the economy for the past decade, we now have the highest unemployment rate in the nation, increased taxes and high foreclosure rates. In order for our state to truly recover, the government must once again become the servant to the people and not the manager of their affairs.

I am ready to roll up my sleeves and remove the obstacles that prevent small businesses, workers, and family from achieving growth and prosperity. I will make the tough decisions that will reduce the cost and size of government, put an end to unrestrained entitlements, and increase accountability at all levels of government. I am confident that if send a true representative of the people to Lansing, we can put Michigan back on track to no only recover, but experience renewed prosperity. With your support, I can be that representative, stand up for the taxpayers and traditional values of our community.
Personal: (gender, age, marital status, spouse's name and age, children's name and ages, home town, current residence)
Andrea LaFontaine was born in New Baltimore and moved to Richmond Township in 1995. Throughout her entire life, her family has taught her the importance of faith and instilled the traditional values that are the foundation of our communities.
Education: (times and places of schools, colleges, major, degrees, activities, sports)
Andrea graduated from Richmond High School in 2005 and later that year she began her undergraduate studies at Central Michigan University. In 2009 she received her Bachelors degree from C.M.U. where her concentrations were political science, legal studies and leadership studies. Andrea is currently working on her Masters of Public Administration, and she will complete her degree in August of 2011.
Profession: (profession and work experience outside politics)
For nearly a decade, Andrea has worked at a local business in downtown Richmond. Her job has allowed her to speak with countless residents about their concerns for the future of our state. However, Andrea's experience is not limited to the city of Richmond, she has also worked in a legislative office in Lansing for the past 2 years. Having worked in the community and in Lansing has allowed Andrea to see the disconnect between the citizens of the district and their voice in Lansing.
Military: (branch, years of service, active duty experience, highest rank, medals, honors, discharge date and type)
no response
Civic: (past and present organizations, charities involvement)
Member, Macomb County Republican Party
Member, Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners
Member, Michigan Right to Life
Member, National Rifle Association
Member, National Wild Turkey Foundation
Member, Saint Clair County Republican Party
Secretary, Republican Women's Club, Macomb County
Political: (dates and titles of previously held political offices)
Michigan Committee Assignments, 2012

Natural Resources, Chair
Regulatory Reform
Religion: (current and past religious affiliations, beliefs)
Accomplishments: (significant accomplishments, awards, achievements)
no response
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