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Biographical Profile for Neil Billington
Previous Candidate for State Representative District 43, Michigan
Party: Michigan Democratic Party
Phone: (248) 623-6773
Address: 4031 Gleason Rd
Waterford, MI 48329
Neil Billington's positions and views on the issues:
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General: (political statement of goals, objectives, views, philosophies)
Michigan Families are PRIORITY ONE!
REFORM Taxes - The HIGH Cost of Living - SHRINKING Benefits!

The People of Michigan deserve better! We need good strong Leadership in Lansing and that's what you will get with me.

The partisan agenda of the GOP is lacking leadership and accountability. GREED has overcome their ability and good consciences to respectfully serve the people of which whom elected them. They act like "bullies" in the name of democracy!

I BELIEVE it is time to REFORM Taxes, the High Cost of Living and Shrinking Benefits! It's time to make Michigan Families Priority One! Live, Grow, Work and Retire in Michigan.

Let's put the back-bone back into our ECONOMY with good Manufacturing Jobs! Give Businesses and Large Corporations Tax Incentives ONLY after they have proven to be putting Michigan Workers back to work! Close Corporate Loopholes allowing taxable income to offshore accounts gained through Out Souring - Bring Our Jobs Back Home!

EDUCATION - Let's bring-up Our Children with the Best in Public Education. Get back to the basics of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and COMUNICATION Skills so that Our Children can think on their own 2-feet! Put the cell-phone, I-Pad and Video games away for a while. Build strong bodies and minds through good old fashion playtime fun through after school neighborhood programs. Keep Our Kids On Track, not behind Bars!

POLICE-FIRE-EMS are Not Options we can live without! Keep Our Neighborhoods well-equipped, Citizens deserve and expect that from their municipalities.

PROTECT OUR GREAT LAKES - 20% of the World's Fresh Water Supply is right here in Michigan. We cannot afford to loose this natural resource to greedy corporations that Pollute our waterways and beautiful landscape, leaving behind their mess to clean-up! There is no such thing as FRACKING in PURE Michigan!

Together, WE CAN make a better Michigan by Working Together to Build a Better Tomorrow.
Personal: (gender, age, marital status, spouse's name and age, children's name and ages, home town, current residence)
2006 - Married to my wife and best friend, Cherie.
Education: (times and places of schools, colleges, major, degrees, activities, sports)
1972 - Associates Degree in Business Management from Oakland University, Rochester Hills MI. Credentials to meet GM Management requirements. Also, on-site Management Training for GM Management Leaders.

1965 - Graduated from Avondale High School - Avon Township, (Changed to Rochester Hills, 1984) Michigan
Profession: (profession and work experience outside politics)
A Small Business Owner for over 30 years.
2014 - Semi-Retired, down-scaled workload to campaign.
2012 - Semi-Retired, Owner Lawn and Snow Plow Service.
1992 - Retired, Management Level 6, 28 yrs invested at GM Truck and Bus, Plant 6 - Pontiac, MI., ALSO held Local 594 - UAW Leadership for 18 yrs for nearly 10,000 employees.
During the past 30 years, I have owned and operated several Landscape and Snow Removal Service Companies. I have been a Builder for Pat Ray and Associates to develop Coach Lamp Hills, a neighborhood sub-development and in charge of White Lake Twp., Sandy Beach Project.
During the 1980s an Owner/Partnership of 2 Burger King Restaurants located in Rochester Hills. Back then, my employees were paid $10.00 an hour and were all given a BIG bonus for Christmas and Birthdays for dedicated service.

Military: (branch, years of service, active duty experience, highest rank, medals, honors, discharge date and type)
Registered for Service as every young man does when turning 18 - but was never called for active duty.
Civic: (past and present organizations, charities involvement)
Currently involved and in good standing with the following:
Sergeant at Arms and Associate Member of the Fraternal Order of Police, Post 132, 20 years.
ACTIVE Member and Volunteer of the State of Michigan Democratic Party, Oakland County Democratic Party the 11 U.S. Congressional Democrat Party, North Oakland Democrat Party and Waterford Democratic Club.
KIWANIS of Rochester Hills - Membership transcended to President of the club in 2004. Helped stimulate city growth through community activities and county involvement.
1970-1972 - Vice President of White Lake Neighborhood Association of White Lake Township, Michigan. I was also in charge of the Sandy Beach Project from start to completion.
I also volunteered for 3 years, helping-out Meals On Wheels. I delivered meals to many persons who were unable to prepare meals for themselves or who were shut-in.
Political: (dates and titles of previously held political offices)
The ONLY Candidate to run against the incumbent(s) for State Representative of District 43 - since 2008!

One thing is sure to be true, when you work hard for something and have earned it through hard work and persistence - You WILL appreciate it more and take care of it more than someone who is just given the same thing! This same lesson applies to running for an elective position. Who do you want to represent you?

STARTING with 2008 - challenged the former State Representative in her final term for election, only to retract my candidacy to prepare a stronger campaign. Came back in 2010 as the "sacrificial lamb" to challenge her protégée and the "machine" behind her.

In 2012 - changed strategy and ran against incumbent once again. This time won nearly 40% votes in the General Election!2014 - 3rd time Candidate for State Representative of District 43, which now includes new boundary lines. Only candidate since 2008, to run for this now term-limit and "open" seat. Currently, 7 other challengers are seeking to "walk-in" to this position.

2012 - General Election Challenger against Incumbent running for Michigan State Representative of Dist 43.

2010 - Primary Challenger for Michigan State Representative, Dist 43.

1998 - Only Challenger against the Mayor of Rochester Hills, until last day when 6 other contenders joined the race. I took 3rd.

1990s - Elected Board Member of Rochester Hill City Council. Appointed to Building Authorities (3 yrs.) During which time, Garry Peters (currently Congressman for 9th District) was on City Council.

* Spearheaded 2-RECALL Petitions and in turn sought after the positions.

1996 - Spearheaded Petition Drive to recall Mayor of Rochester Hills, for misappropriation of City Funds. The Recall directly influenced her early resignation and a Civil Suit Conviction.

2011 - Recall language was approved by Judge Linda Hallmark of Oakland County to recall State Representative Gail Haines of District 43 for voting Yes on Michigan House Bill 4214 now Public Act 4 of 2011. (Emergency "Financial" Manager Law)

The Governor takes full power t [Response was truncated to maximum response length of 2000 characters.]
Religion: (current and past religious affiliations, beliefs)
A regular parishioner attendee.
Accomplishments: (significant accomplishments, awards, achievements)
The reward of just knowing - how many people life's I have helped to make better by influencing "CHANGE" and by putting them first, before myself.
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